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 The Mastering Studio 

Good music needs the best and most professional Mastering!

Good audio mastering needs time and a well concentrated mastering engineer with fresh ears, who is motivated to bring out the best of every single track he works on. For our masterings we use high-end digital and analog equipment.

▶︎ Here you can find a detailed list of the gear we use.

There are many mastering studios who offer very cheap audio mastering. About 15-30 Euros! How can they make these cheap prices? They mainly use preset Mastering chains (mainly digital) which they use on any track, adjust it a little bit and that's it! We call it assembly-line work.

We don't offer such a cheap mastering! That's not our goal! We want to spend time and effort in your track!


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What we offer...


  • high quality stereo and stem mastering

  • professional and close cooperation with out clients

  • if necessary, at least 2-4 revisions, until we and our client are 100 % happy!

  • delivering audio files in every common audio format like WAV, AIFF, Mp3, AAC, FLAC, 16, 24 or 32 bit.

  • mastered audio files which are prepared for download stores like e.g. iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, Traxsource, Amazon...

  • Mastered for iTunes -   

Listen to the A/B comparison between MIX and MASTER below:

Listen to the audio samples below. You can hear the songs in two different versions. First you can hear the mixdown without mastering, then you can hear the final mastered version. You can hear that the mastered version has much more loudness, clarity, depth and air.

What is Mastering:


Mastering, a form of audio post production, is the process of fusing the collective sounds in your audio mix, maintaining balance across the entire recording, and preparing the finished music project for distribution.

Mastering is the process of polishing your raw recording into a dynamic, loud and high quality professionally sounding audio product. One of the main benefits of mastering is allowing your recording to sound good on a wide array of speakers, not just your personal setup.

Your initial recording might sound great on your home setup, but when you play it elsewhere it may sound too quiet, muddy, bass heavy or harsh. It is worth taking your raw recording and listening to this on other speaker setups before doing anything further and making notes on how it sounds compared to other music you feel is of a high standard (such as professional albums).

This process is perhaps one of the hardest areas to get right in the audio engineering world, and is always wise to leave to experienced professionals. 

What Audio Mastering does to your music:


  • Raises the overall volume level.

  • Evens out song levels and EQ individual tracks for cohesion.

  • Corrects minor mix deficiencies with equalization.

  • Enhances flow by changing the space between tracks (on EP's or LP's).

  • Removes pops, clicks, and other unwanted noises.

  • Gives your music consistent playback on different sound systems.

What you have to do:

If you think that your mixdown is good enough and needs some final polishing by our mastering engineer...            ▶︎  contact us 

Please send your mixed down stereo track(s) in hi-resolution format files such as WAV or AIFF! You can use Filesharing programs like We-Transfer, Dropbox or Zippyshare. This works great!

Preparing your Premaster / Mixdown:

This is very important! During the main section (loudest part) of your track, the peak level should be about -5 dB. Giving us enough headroom to work with, will give you a better master! We will use EQ and Compression alongside other tools which boosts the peak level of your track.

PRICES ▶︎  contact us 

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